Capacitive switches  ( IBM capacitive switch is listed in IBM section )
BTC  ( Behavior Tech Computer Corporation )

BTC 53 Series

FCC ID  E5X5R5BTC-5339R-0
Capacitive contacts/Coil spring 
Made in Korea

Enhanced Keyboard
FCC ID ; CNT8AV106288
Capacitive Contacts Switch/Rubber cup
Compaq Computer Corporation
Made in U.S.A.
OEM Product by Key Tronic


Model # E03417XTAT
FCC IFD : CIG03418
Capacitive Contact Switch/Rubber Cup
Coiled cable/DIN-AT Plug/XT/AT selectable
Mfg Date SEP 1992,   Made in U.S.A



 106型 予約キーボード

 Basic model of the Real Force ( PCB Sticker: FD0100 )
製造年 不明  (1996年?)
 S1226-41 専用フルKB

 Detail Unknown




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