ALPS Ultra Low Profile switch 
 Found in a keyboard assembly pulled from a laptop PC
   Keyboard PCB :  made by NTC 29Nov 1992.

Switch ; Ultra Low Profile ALPS switch
Key Click

A junk keyboard pulled from unknown laptop PC was loaded in a package from USA..
Didn't expect too much but ..

Never seen this one.  Not listed in ALPS catalog '94 edition
But it does have ALPS logo atop key stem assembly.


Key stem sits like above And you can see an circled ALPS logo which is usually seem at the bottom of  lower housing of  CM/CL line of ALPS key switches.
Key caps from top and bottom

Dye sublimation ?  
Inside the lower housing. Bottom view of key stem assy.  Yes, the unit is consisted with at least three parts, base, upper and spring. 


Round actuation spring

The spring reminds me Futaba in mousefan

copper  sheet below the spring

key stem assy in normal position

Coil spring should be set inside key stem assy.  I don't want to disassemble this key stem assy.  .If I go further, I may break it.

Closing/Opening contacts is made by round actuation spring witch sits between the copper sheet and the key stem assy.  At the same time actuation spring generates tactility and tiny clicking sound. 



This unit was made in  23NOV 1992 according to a stamp on the bottom shell.



Switch in the center of pic without cap is for  space bar.  Stabilizing rod is ready ( not seen in the pic ) 
"NTC" is seen at the bottom center in the picutre.

Not sure but Nan Tan might be the supplier.


Keyboard unit itself is really small.   A mouse on the board is for comparison.
I can't figure out its pin-out yet.

CM/CL ;  In ALPS catalog '94 edition, ALPS switches used for Northgate Omnikey 101,  Apple
                Extended Keyboard ( including II ), DELL AT-101, Zenith Data System  ZKB-2 and 
                many of  PC/AT keyboards are coded as SKCM and SKCL ( CM  for tactile feel while
                CL for linear feel ) .   SK is a given code which indicates keyboard  switch products.    
                 In Japan and other Eastern countries,  either  "Bigffoot"  or "Bigfoot class switch" or just 
                 simply "ALPS switch" is usually used to call these switches among keyboard enthusiasts.
                Bigfoot itself is a nickname indicating  DELL AT-101 and it's variants..



08FEB 2013
12FEB 2013 minor modification

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